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Pages: 5-10

Date of Publication: 30-Jul-2018

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Evaluation of the vaccination situation
in a group of children of school age in Mures county

Author: Kinga Balasa, Cristina Golea, Adriana Neghirla

Category: Medical


INTRODUCTION: Vaccination is an important active prophylactic method for certain diseases.The purpose of our study was to verify the vaccination coverage in a group of children from Mure? County.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study group included 611 school-age children attending from secondary school and a technological high school in Târgu Mure?. We analysed the type of administered vaccine, the number of doses, the time interval between the doses, respectively the contraindications for a particular vaccine.

RESULTS: We found that among the 611 children, 40 are unaware of the vaccination situation and one completely refuses vaccination, and of the 570 vaccinates coverage fot BCG is 95,61%, 96.31% are vaccinated against hepatitis B virus most of them having 3 doses , 96.66% are vaccinated with VPI and DTP with 4-5 doses, 95,43% are immunized against measles, respectively 90,17% against mumps and rubella, and just 38.30% had DT vaccine.

CONCLUSIONS: We have found a significant decrease in DT vaccination, which could create conditions for a possible increase in the incidence of the disease under conditions of increased circulation of the pathogen.

Keywords: vaccine, vaccination, vaccination coverage, student


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